Day 62 – 16th March 2018 – Denmark

Just a quiet one around the caravan park today, taking it easy.  More Cross Stitch (sorry Tania), and Col worked on his videos.  I did follow up with the insurance company and unfortunately we have it confirmed that the annex is not covered under those circumstances.  Oh well, time to dust ourselves off and move on.  We have already started investigating our plan B.

We did have an amazing meal tonight.  I am not a big ‘take a photo of your food and post it’ kind of person.  But there is a reason this meal was quite exceptional.  We went to Woolworths in Margaret River and found some amazing Rib-eye steaks, they were HUGE.  They were also on special, so we got one to share (they were about 750g each!).  So the steak cost about $15.  We also bought some Shingleback Haycutter Shiraz (one up from the Red Knot which we also love) on special for $12 (usually about $20 a bottle, and amazing).  Col cooked the steak to perfection, so we had an amazing tender Rib-eye steak for about $7.50 ea and drank Haycutter shiraz.  An awesome meal that you would pay huge amounts for at a restaurant, and still feel like you had a good deal.  Got to love that.  This is Col’s half of the Rib-eye!

Rib-eye steak
Rib-eye steak

New video ready for those interested.  CatchNcook fishing for Bream at Bremer Bay.

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