Day 140 – 2nd June 2018 – Broome

Had an easy day today.  We went to the shops and had a bit of a drive around town. Col worked on videos while I update the blog.  We made some calls to home and did a whole lot of chillaxing.  We had hoped to go fishing tomorrow but the wind does not look like it will be suitable, so might be another quiet one around the park.  Not that I am complaining.

Now the initial trauma of arriving and getting set up is over, we are settling into the park life.  I do love the green trees everywhere.  Col is pretty impressive at the jigsaw puzzle required to get all our stuff on one site.  I opted to let the professional back the trailer into this site as there was not much room to manouvre and a lot of traffic going past.  When we arrived the street out the front is really narrow and filled with parked cars.  There is only really space for one car and van in the entry area, so I parked down the street and waited for Col to call me in.  When he did, I drove down into the waiting area behind him and we had people abusing us, two other cars trying to drive around us and it was mayhem.  We finally got through the gates and then Col accidentally drove past our site, so we had to do a bit of a lap of the park.  There was nowhere to leave my car and the boat while I watched Col back into the site, so I had to leave it in the middle of a side road while I ran over to watch that Col didn’t back into anything.  When I ran back there were cars driving up on the curb trying to get around the car – soooooooooooo stressful.  Once we finally got everything on site we have been fine.

Our camp at Cable Beach Caravan Park WA
Our camp at Cable Beach Caravan Park WA
Cable Beach Caravan Park WA
Cable Beach Caravan Park WA

Col has finished editing the Giralia Beach Camps video.

8 thoughts on “Day 140 – 2nd June 2018 – Broome”

  1. Arrived in Broome that’s great, shame about the friendly greetings not..looks like a nice shady spot for a few days. Enjoyed the latest Giralia Beach camp video.

    1. Yes it was not a great experience on arrival but has definitely improved since then I am glad to report.
      Glad you enjoyed the latest video too, I let Col know x

  2. What a contrast in campsites Giralia vs Cable Beach. Giralia is the station that just keeps on giving hey. Nice aerial shots Col gives true perspective not something many people would get to see. Despite the unfriendlies at cable beach it looks quite lovely with all the trees. Is it close to town ? Matsos ??? Pick up a brew maybe

    1. Very true Tania.
      Col did a great job with that video, I agree. I passed your comments.
      The park is quite nice, it is just personal perference of not enjoying the crowds anymore, it did improve over the time we were there. Loved the trees. It was walking distance to the place we went for dinner together on cable beach and about a 10 minute drive to the town centre and Matsos. x

  3. As Matthew would say ‘people these days! :-)
    Hope you settle in and enjoy – looks lovely. Always going to be hard rejoining civilisation.
    Station video is great – looks amazing.

    1. Haha Matthew is a classic. We did settle in and it got better over the time that we were there I am glad to report.
      I let Col know that you liked the video too x

  4. Yes video is very clever, enjoyed watching it ,the beach air shots WOW amazing .Glad you both have settled in .The jig saw puzzle you have is awesome ,all fits in good job .xx

    1. Thanks Jo, I passed on your comments to Col about the video.
      Col did do a good job fitting it all onto the one site. x

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