Day 112 – 5th May 2018 – Giralia Station, Fishing and Prawns

Col and I planned a fishing day today as the weather was fantastic and the winds were low.  We also wanted to get some footage of the beach camps at high tide.  Col was keen to try out his new cast net throw and try again for some prawns.  He caught up with Denver to make sure he had the right spot and we headed off for the boat about 8.30am.

The prawn spot is quit a drive from Giralia, so we headed off there to try our hand at catching prawns first.  On the way we we spotted a huge school of Garfish rippling up the surface of the water, so Col took a couple of shots at the fish with the net while I drove the boat.  He managed to catch a few that we planned to use as live bait while fishing on the reef later.

We arrived at the prawn spot and started looking for the telltale red churned up water and picked a spot we thought looked promising.  When we neared it we noticed prawns jumping out the water!!  Quickly Col got into position and the fun began.  I drove the boat and spotted the prawns and Col caught them in the net.  We had a ball!!  We managed to catch 11 prawns, though one excaped during a photo shoot haha.  But 10 was enough for a feed that night so we were absolutely chuffed.  This was a bucket list item for Col so he could not have been happier.

Col showing off the prawns we caught, Giralia Station Stay WA
Col showing off the prawns we caught, Giralia Station Stay WA

We had reached high tide which is when the fish usually stop biting, so we quickly packed up from the prawn spot and headed out to the reef to try some fishing.  At first we kept catching Spanish Flags that we were throwing back and Col caught a decent size Bluebone Tuskfish which actually bit him and made him bleed, nothing serious.  We were getting close to packing up and calling it a day as the fish had stopped biting when my rod gave a serious thump and we knew we had something decent on the end.  I reeled it in and thankfully Col helped take this beauty off the hook, it was a 49cm Orange Spotted Estuary Cod and we were pretty excited.  What a fantastic day out on the water!!

Kris with an Orange Spotted Estuary Cod, Giralia Station Stay WA
Kris with an Orange Spotted Estuary Cod, Giralia Station Stay WA

We then headed to the beach camps to do some more filming and Col filleted the Cod.  We drove back home and cooked up some prawn pasta for dinner – so good!!

Prawn Pasta, Giralia Station Stay WA
Prawn Pasta, Giralia Station Stay WA

10 thoughts on “Day 112 – 5th May 2018 – Giralia Station, Fishing and Prawns”

  1. What an enjoyable day out fishing.
    Let’s see what Dave has to say about that fish, go Kris!
    Don’t forget to add prawn pasta on recipe list , looks yum.

  2. Good job with the new skills guys! Prawn pasta sounds delicious. The painted animals look awesome, Indya is very talented – love that it lights up too haha. Glad you can sit in the new area with the fans and help with the phones and have Moreno reception! Yay!

  3. Way to go Kris!! You are a legend. Love the updates as always. The art is great – love the colourful turtle. Xx

  4. 2nd attempt. Kris,you are a legend,the Cod is awesome,well done .I bet you both were pleased with prawns too .The sign for Giralia Stn looks so much better than the last time I saw it be sure to congratulate the artists,well done.With your new skills launching and driving the boat,if Col is working you can take me fishing if and when I get up there !!!!

    1. Thanks Dave :) We were both so excited with catching the prawns, it was so much fun. Because you were sitting and waiting for them to jump out the water and driving around slowly with Col on the front throwing the net, it was very exciting and funny. Loved it.
      I passed on your comments to Indya and Jen about the sign, they have done a great job!
      Ha ha thanks Dave, I would be happy to go fishing with you anytime. I am definitely a Learner though!! xx

  5. You are having such amazing experiences. Every day is an adventure. I loved the artwork and the sign at night. Gorgeous. You are learning a lot of new skills. Great stuff!! xx

    1. Thanks Mum, we really are experiencing so much and enjoying our time at Giralia. It has been fantastic!

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