Day 269 – 10th October 2018 – Darwin

Today was stocktake day in Darwin City store, my store, so another 6am start.  My body was pretty sore from the previous day, so definitely feeling it today.  We are meant to finish at 2pm, but we were still working until 3.3opm.  It was a long day indeed.  I might have felt like crying at 3pm when we were still going, but that is unconfirmed and you can’t prove it.I have enjoyed the experience of being part of the stocktake team and there are still two more stores to do next week.  Glad to have a bit of a break from it to recover.  They don’t have enough steps for everyone so it is really, really challenging for us vertically challenged people to reach the top shelf to count items, and also for us age challenged people to kneel on the hard floor or sit to count the lower shelves.  Whinge over.  I know I am repeating myself but I feel that it might be justified.

Needless to say I have been coming home and falling to sleep in my Jetty at ridiculously early hours of the evening.  I am normally a night owl but I have not been struggling to wake up for the early starts, just struggling to keep my eyes open in the evening these days.  I do enjoy seeing the sunrises, though I have been missing them starting at 6am.  It is still dark here at 5am when I get up and I need to leave here by 5.30am to get to the city by 6am.  At least I get to see the sun briefly at the other end of the day before promptly falling asleep in my chair :)

6 thoughts on “Day 269 – 10th October 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Definitely not relaxing, but I don’t think that is what we were necessarily after.
      I am so glad for the Jetty too – thank you for your puchasing encouragement!!!!

    1. I would actually try and kill him if he did that :)
      I joke about it all the time and occasionally he goes to try and lift me up and I crack a fit hahahaha. It wakes me up enough to walk to bed though x

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