Day 267 – 8th October 2018 – Darwin

So today was meant to be the first of the Stocktake days for me.  I double checked this on Friday when I finished work that I needed to be at Darwin City at 6am Monday morning.  So I woke up at 5am and got ready.  It is very dark at 5am I must say.  Also tricky living in a van and trying not to be too noisy or turn on lights.  Strangely I am not finding it too difficult getting up early these days, I usually start at 7am so wake up at 6am.  I thought I would really struggle at 5am but it wasn’t too traumatic.  

So I got ready and headed into work.  When I got there I started looking for all the other Stocktake people.  I did laps around the back dock and the main shopping area.  I headed upstairs to check there and then slowly it dawned on me, this was a false alarm.  There is no stocktake on at Darwin City today…. sigh.  Oh well, it was a good practice run for the next two days!

So I got straight into the usual routine of perishable markdowns and onto the Planograms.  I am going to get them back down to zero overdue if it kills me!!!!  Planograms are my nemesis but I will be victorious!

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