Day 281 – 22nd October 2018 – Darwin

It is my final week at Woolworth’s and I am only doing part time this week.  I only have two overdue Planograms now and one in due now, then the next due isn’t due until the 26th.  The end is in sight my friends.

I got to work and did the Perishable mark downs and grabbed the remaining Planograms to smash them out of the ball park.  There was meant to be a Rep coming in to finish one and that left me two.  As it turned out, the Rep never arrived and the one he was meant to be working on was a 6 hour Planogram, so it was suddenly looking like I might not achieve my goal of getting these suckers back under control.  Luckily Rory was able to help me out and between us we completed the remaing three.  So now I feel complete hahahaha.  Zero overdue, zero due now and the next due on the 26th October…. sigh.  This leaves me with one and a half shifts which I am guessing will be back in Health and Beauty where this whole journey began.  It would have seriously irked me if I didn’t get on top of those Planograms before I left, it would have niggled at me like an old splinter.  So I am very glad I can leave Woolies at peace now.  Job done.  Victory was mine!!!!

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