Day 254 – 25th September 2018 – Darwin

Work again today and I am pretty much back to normal now.  Viruses are so annoying.  We have been pretty lucky actually on this trip, I think living outdoors probably helps that a bit, and also the warmer weather.

We have both noticed the amount of mosquitoes and Midgies has increased massively and I am getting ravaged by them now – one draw back of living your life outside.  I think I had about 20 bites on my left arm alone and they keep me awake at night itching.  I have given in and accepted that DEET is now the only option for me during the build up and wet season.  During the Dry season the DEET free products worked well, my favourite is definitely one called True Local  (Sam East, I think you will LOVE this one and I will bring some back with me).  We also used a home made brew of Dettol and Baby Oil which works really, really well but makes you smell like a hospital.  The other issue with this one is that the Baby Oil makes me feel quite hot as it stops you sweating and the sweat evaporating, so you feel pretty sticky.  But it soothes the bites that you have and it stops you getting more, so that is pretty good.  But now that the numbers have increased massively, I have to make sure I put spray with DEET in it, first thing in the morning before I go to the bathroom and again before sunset, otherwise I get so many bites before I even start the day.  So annoying and uncomfortable.  I chatted to the Dr about it to make sure they support it and she agreed that it is the only option up here in the Wet Season.  Even Col who never gets bitten when I am around is having to put on DEET now.

We have also noticed the increase in Cane Toads too.  Still not huge numbers but you see at least one a night now.

4 thoughts on “Day 254 – 25th September 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Yes, Col has been keeping an eye on the weather and said there is meant to be a thunder storm starting today (being the 13th October) and going for about a week. Should be interesting. The rain hasn’t started yet, it is still pretty humid, but at least there is a nice breeze at the moment. Hopefully the storm brings some relief.

  1. I hate DEET but hate mozzies more. I dont suppose mozzie coils help either. Perhaps you need a pot plant of geranium – certain types are supposed to deter them. Rosemary is also a deterant. Throw everything you can at the buggers! I hope the storm helps xxx

    1. Yes I agree with you Sam. We do have mozzie coils burning everynight and they do help a bit.
      Good idea about the rosemary, I will buy a plant and see if that helps. At worst we both like eating it :)
      Hopefully we can get some good storm photos! xx

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