Day 259 – 30th September 2018 – Darwin

Really, really, really windy today.  Again we are just having an easy day around the van.  I cooked up a mean breakfast of Cowboy Beans and scrambled eggs.  Col headed off to Bunnings to try and buy some shade cloth as the shade cloth around the shelter is pretty old and not coping in the wind.  I have been working on blogs yesterday and today. 

My new beautiful laptop, the Lenovo Yoga, suddenly stopped working yesterday and I am feeling pretty sad about it.  It dropped its Wifi/wireless connection and I no longer have internet access.  Col and I spent the evening last night trying to fix it and ended up doing a total reset, but still not fixed.  Luckily I have my work laptop to keep me going for now while I try to get my personal one fixed.  So annoying.  You realise how dependent you are on your technology!  I have tried to book in my laptop to get fixed tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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