Day 173 – 5th July 2018 – Darwin

Another shift at Club Tropical and definitely getting the hang of it now.  Worked with someone really nice today.  I am guessing that she might be late 50s or early 60s.  This job keeps you fit and agile and it impresses me to watch people who can work at this pace and do this type of work at that age.  It is a challenge even for the young ones (not grouping myself into that bucket, I was meaning the 20 year old back packers). Inspirational.

I am liking walking to work in the morning, it is a really nice start to the day.  This is my ‘Office’ currently.

Club Tropical Resort, Lee Point, Darwin NT
Club Tropical Resort, Lee Point, Darwin NT

3 thoughts on “Day 173 – 5th July 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Sunshine, fresh air, nice way to start day & nice way to wind down on way home too. Taking in the scenery & sounds of the birds..!
    One can only imagine

    1. It really is. I also pass the same people each day, going for their exercise walks and say hi. It is a good warm up and cool down. I do really enjoy it…. the simple things. x

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