Day 105 – 28th April 2018 – Giralia Station

We wanted to try and get some good footage of the road to the beach camps using the drone at the trickier sections. Denver gets asked by alot of nervous people about road conditions and towing. So we have some GoPro footage and now want some additional drone footage too.

We headed off towards the beach camps, stopping at each section and doing a variety of different types of filming. The footage looked awesome on Col’s phone as we were driving along with the drone tailing us, or with the drone flying backwards in front of us, or doing helix/spin away shots. There are three main dips in the road with large cracks and we stopped to film each one, then also stopped to film a really soft sandy section. Once we had the footage we wanted we drove back home to take a look at it on the laptop.

Col and I enthusiastically loaded up the drone footage to see the great shots we had taken. Unfortunately we may have forgotten to hit the record button on most of the shots!!!! Ha ha. There is a ‘follow’ function on the drone where it tracks you and follows you while you drive. We were more focused on getting this to work that we had forgotten the bit about starting the video. So Col took the drone outside to practice and get this right. He got it to focus on him and started walking around with the drone following him, he was watching the footage on his phone as he walked. Suddenly he realised that the drone was about to hit a tree and came running back to try and stop the collision. It was funny footage and will definitely make it into the bloopers role!!!

Denver told us that the two main snakes found on Giralia Station are the Brown Snake and the Stimson Python.  I asked if anyone has been bitten and he confirmed that a few people have been bitten over the years.  Denver grew up on Giralia Staion, so knows the history well.  One man wasn’t sure if he had been bitten or not as it didn’t hurt, he just saw the snake sliding away so he went to see Jen and Denver at the Homestead.  Jen wasn’t going to take any chances so she called the Royal Flying Doctor Service who came to collect the man.  As they loaded him into the plane his gums had begun to bleed.  It is so important to note when travelling around remote Australia that snake bites can just be a scratch rather then the classic double puncture that everyone imagines.  If in doubt and if it is a brown snake, don’t take your chances.

These are some items collected around the station.

Items collected around Giralia Station over the years, Giralia Station WA
Items collected around Giralia Station over the years, Giralia Station WA

4 thoughts on “Day 105 – 28th April 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. Is the Stimson Python poisonous? Always better to be safe than sorry, as that man would’ve likely died had Jen not called the Flying Doctor. How lucky was he??!! Play it safe and brush up on your snake bite first aid. xxx

    1. No thankfully. The pattern on the skin is beautiful. I will put a photo up of one in the blog that we saw in the museum.
      Yes that guy was very lucky and it is impressive that Jen called regardless. I can imagine people feeling like they didn’t want to call if they weren’t 100% sure it was a bite. But being so remote, you don’t have a lot of time to muck around, so better to be safe than sorry, that is for sure. x

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