Kimberley Trip Posts

Adelaide to Pimba (nearly)


The time to head off had finally come. We were a convoy of three ‘rigs’ consisting of a Nissan Patrol driven by my Dad – the Old Man – and my sister, Sam, his passenger. Dad was set up with a swag and tent but he was towing my 4.8 centre console tinnie mounted on a trailer I built myself. The second rig was also a Nissan Patrol with Nige and Tania towing a Cub camper trailer. And of course, there was Kris and I in the FJ Cruiser towing the van.

We left Adelaide on May 16 and the plan was to head to Pimba as there was a free camp 10 minutes out of town.

That was the plan… Continue reading “Kimberley Trip Posts”

The Bungle Bungles to the Gibb River Road

The Bungle Bungles to the Gibb River Road


There was a real air of excitement about the next leg. We had all researched the Gibb River Road and we were expecting this to be the high light of the trip. Little did we know that a major hiccup was about to rear its ugly head. Continue reading “The Bungle Bungles to the Gibb River Road”

The Kimberly 2015

Over the journey, I have a done a little bit of travelling but when we first met, Kris hadn’t done much travelling. We shared the same travel dreams and so we slowly started to work toward realising some of those dreams. Our first big trip together was set for the Kimberley.

We hang out with a group of people we call ‘The Crew’. Most of The Crew travel together on various trips of various lengths and many of our trips are conceived during a group get-together. The Kimberly trip was no different and came about from a long held desire to go fishing in a remote community in the far North – Kalumburu. We didn’t make it to Kalumburu though and the story is told in the various posts that share our journey.

Below is a link to the map I made to help plan the trip.

Kalumburu Icon
Click to open an interactive map of the Kalumburu trip