Day 272 – 13th October 2018 – Darwin

Today was a bit of a productive day.  Did the typical cleaning and washing and we headed to Casuarina shopping centre to get Col’s new work pants taken up (which cost more than the pants did hahahaha).  We had a late breakfast there and did a bit of shopping.  Did a bit of blogging and Col did his BAS.

There is a weather prediction of thunderstorms starting today and going well into next week.  I was chatting to our neighbour who said it is not uncommon to get dry thunderstorms up here during the build up, lots of clouds, thunder and lightening but no rain.  How weird.  There is a bit of rain predicted this time though, and that is meant to be quite unusual during the build up.  It is all an interesting experience.

One pretty funny and random thing that happens at work, I now have to wear glasses all the time while I am working as a big part of my job is reading tiny, weany little size 7 font on the tickets to see the article numbers.   I swear a 20 year old kid decided on this font :)  Anyway, when you walk into the fridge or the freezer wearing your glasses then walk back out into the Darwin 35 degree humid atmosphere in the back dock, your glasses go poof!!!! totally fogged up.  Can’t see a thing and you could walk into a wall.  It takes AGES for them to finally de-fog too!  But it always makes me laugh because I am totally not used to it.  Tropical problems for your entertainment.

7 thoughts on “Day 272 – 13th October 2018 – Darwin”

    1. No longer feeling like it either hahahaha. My knees and my eyes remind me of this fact each day, oh and my sore joints when I get out of bed :)

    1. good idea Jo. I have done that with goggles when scuba diving, but never thought about it with my reading glasses. x

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