Audible Books while driving

I downloaded Audible for the long drives so I can listen to a book instead of music. I highly recommend it. I started to feel a bit sleepy at the 2 hour mark and was counting the kilometers listening to music. I switched to the book for the last half of the drive and was alert and didn’t notice the time or the kilometers. I could have kept driving. Needs to be a good book I guess! You can preview the narrator before you purchase and I would highly recommend this, as some of the voices would drive me crazy to listen to. You also need to download the book ahead of time, so be prepared. The great thing is you have access to a book store anywhere you have internet, they are way cheaper than paperbacks, easier to travel with as they don’t take up room and you can listen to your favourite books while driving. Winner. I also downloaded the Kindle app on my laptop too. 

Thinking I might start an on-line book club if anyone is interested in reading and discussing each month – let me know.  I am currently reading ‘Silent Child’ by Sarah A. Denzil.

Books I have listened to:

‘Silent Child’ by Sarah A. Denzil

‘The Girls of Mischief Bay’ by Susan Mallery

‘Sometimes I lie’ by Alice Fenney

‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman – Currently listening to this one and it is my favourite book so far.  Only a few chapters in.

2 thoughts on “Audible Books while driving”

  1. If you download the Overdrive app you can download books including audio books from you library free. ?
    We never go on a long trip without a few good audio books. One point of caution ? I have been known to get engrossed in the story and forget little things like filling fuel tank. ??.

    1. Great to know! Thanks for the tip Uncle Ian, I will have a look. Luckily Col and I are in separate cars and Col keeps a hawk like eye on the fuel tank and I get regularly reminded to provide updates on how many litres are being used per 100km, and how much fuel is in the tank. So I am able to get engrossed in my book. x

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