Day 122 – 15th May 2018 – Giralia Station

Joyce and I started the day with an 8km walk on the Airstrip and Bunjil the Station Border Collie accompanied us, collecting sticks for us to throw while we walked.

After the walk we then headed out to the quarry to do some rock collecting.  We seem to be selecting bigger and bigger rocks each time we go, we might all be getting a bit competitive.  We are now professional rock collectors and do this task quite efficiently.  The Station is looking great as a result of these efforts.

In the afternoon Col headed off to the phone tower for his interview with NT Health for the Business Analyst role while Joyce and I made a second batch of bread.  This second batch of bread turned out even better than the first lot and I was very pleased with it.

Second batch of bread to be baked, Giralia Station WA
Second batch of bread to be baked, Giralia Station WA
Second batch of bread, Giralia Station WA
Second batch of bread, Giralia Station WA

While waiting for the bread to prove, Joyce and I were standing on the Homestead verandah when Denver pulled up out the front of the gate on the quad bike with Bunjil the dog running excitedly along next to it.  Anytime Denver starts the bike Bunjil comes running, he LOVES it.  Suddenly Bunjil starts yelping loudly and came sprinting through the gate, ran through the receiving room and stopped on the verandah next to Joyce and I.  He sat there for a minute or so just quietly watching Denver, then looked up at Joyce and I and again started yelping loudly.  He then took off sprinting along the verandah still yelping and ran off to to Indya and Jen who were working near the workshop.  He ran under the ute and around them, yelping and running frantically.  He sprinted through the workshop and then disappeared.  We all looked for him but could not locate him.  Denver drove around the property on the quad bike and Jen and Indya on the horses as they were higher up with a better view.  But no Bunjil.  We are suspecting that he was bitten by a brown snake, but not sure.  He was visibly distressed but no limp or obvious injury.  Hopefully he turns up again as everyone is worried for him.

Col returned from the interview and said it went fairly well.  It is always challenging doing an interview via the laptop in the car and definitely changes the vibe.  But it all went smoothly and now we wait and see.  Col said we could get to Darwin in 3 weeks from the time he hears that he has the job.  We are guessing it will take at least a week before we hear anything.  So we wait and see and continue the holiday until we hear.

That evening we did a shared curry dinner up at the Homestead.  We made lamb Tikka Marsala and cooked up some chapatis.  Joyce did a chicken yoghurt curry and made raita and Kate did the rice and brought some white port to share which was delicious.  It was a fun night and we are really enjoying the social aspect of the station.

My plait bread freshly cooked that day was a hit for after dinner nibbles.

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  1. if you keep up all that running and walking you will be that skinny you will have to run around in the shower to get wet haha.

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