Day 180 – 12th July 2018 – Darwin Telstra

I had today off to get my car serviced. Angry kindly picked me up  and we then went to the Telstra Building in Darwin to reset my password and access my Group Certificate and other Tax info in preparation for doing my tax return.  Just easier to be plugged into the LAN than trying to do it remotely. Everyone was really friendly and it is way more relaxed in the Darwin office than the Adelaide office.  I was impressed that one of the people we went camping with at Barramundi Gorge, Chris, is an AE and works for Telstra in Darwin and he recognised my voice while I was on the phone.  I had my back to him but he realised who I was and came over to say hi.  Hmmmm maybe I just have a really annoying voice that is easy to pick!  I hadn’t thought about that.  Here I was giving Chris Kudos for knowing it was me :)

Angry had his weekly one on one meeting with David Lawless, by boss.  So I sat just off screen of the camera and then randomly walked in and sat next to Angry during the meeting.  It was great to catch up with David and we had many laughs and enjoyed talking about the journey so far.  Thoroughly enjoyed my day at Darwin Telstra.  Angry and I went to lunch but unfortunately Col and Kat couldn’t join us.  Then I did a bit of shopping and errands and Angry dropped me back to my car.

Angry played a bit of a practical joke on me that is a Darwin Tradition apparently.  I am not meant to say anything to Col about it as Angry plans to get him too.  Col generally doesn’t read the blog, so I should be safe sharing it on here :)  There is something called a ‘Salty Plum’ and true Territorians actually like these things.  Angry insisted on buying them and pressuring me to have one, which I really didn’t want.  I eventually accepted and started eating one, more to shut him up than for any other reason.  I did notice that he didn’t eat his though which made me immediately suspicious.  It wasn’t really bad but wasn’t overly enjoyable either and I questioned why he wasn’t eating his and he started laughing.  At this point I grabbed the plum out of my mouth and threw it in the bin.  Angry was still laughing and told me to look at my hand which which was bright iridescent orange!!!!  I then realised that so is my tongue and possibly teeth and lips.  Apparently someone gave one to Angry right before he had to go to a Customer meeting the first time, so he felt compelled to get someone else with the joke.  Luckily I wasn’t at work and speaking to Customers but I did need to go to the bank and pick up my car and I spoke very strangely, trying not to open my mouth very much and avoid showing my tongue, teeth and lips.  People must have though I was very odd.  Anyway I will let you know if and when Angry finally gets Col with this prank as well.

4 thoughts on “Day 180 – 12th July 2018 – Darwin Telstra”

    1. I really do enjoy other people getting a laugh and enjoyment out of the blog.
      I love those moments where you are on your own and laughing out loud. I remember that happening when I was on the bus and you get some very strange looks. Awesome stuff and hope you have a great day Bear. Love you heaps xx

  1. That is hilarious. Love that story. Angry sounds like a top guy helping you out. Glad you enjoyed your Telstra catch up xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed that one :)
      He is a top guy and both Col and I have really appreciated and enjoyed our time with Kat and Angry, they have really taken good care of us up here.

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