Day 95 – 18th April 2018 – Denham to Carnarvon

There were many things in this area that we didn’t get to, so they have been added to our growing list for a future trip! One of those is going out to Dirk Hartog Island, we had hoped to take the boat out there and camp there overnight, also Steep Point which is the most Westerly Point in Australia, there was also a Marine Park where you can go and see sharks being fed and these are just a few things we didn’t get to.  I also really wanted to do the Aboriginal lead Kayak tour that includes Bush Tucker and Bush Medicine, but they didn’t have any tours running while we were there.  But all in all we have loved our time in Shark Bay and will definitely be keen to come back and spend more time in the future.

We packed up camp and left the Shark Bay Caravan Park to drive the 4 and a half hour drive to a roadside camp about 75km North of Carnarvon called Yalabia. On the way we stopped in at Carnarvon to do some shopping and fill up the Caravan tanks with water. You become very aware that you are in a desert though, the landscape changes so much and there are signs warning you in Carnarvon to make sure you restock with food, water and fuel for the journey ahead as there are hundreds of kilometers of nothing between towns! Run out of water or fuel on the next stretch and you are in trouble as the towns rely on minimal rainfall to survive.

Col had basically reached empty about 20km out of Carnarvon and we nervously drove the rest of the way with everything crossed that he wouldn’t run out! Luckily we did make it to a petrol station to refuel in time. We were remembering the episode of Hamish and Andy who tested how far you could go after the fuel light comes on in your car. They made it over 100km, but Col was towing a caravan at the time which was not going to work in his favour!! Anyway, glad to report that we made it there ok.

Roadside lunch stop on the way to Giralia WA
Roadside lunch stop on the way to Giralia WA

The roadside camp wasn’t bad although the toilets were gross. Some of you may be aware that Col has lost his sense of smell a couple of years ago, and most of the time I feel sorry for him in regard to this, but in this instance it was a gift. Col said the toilets weren’t that bad, while I would describe them as gag worthy. We have noticed the sudden jump in temperature and also the jump in the number of flies as we head north! Also seeing more and more of the red dirt of the outback. Love that red dirt and contrasted blue sky.

As it is just an overnight stay we didn’t get much out. We also didn’t get into camp until around 5pm, due to the length of the drive and the shopping, water and fuel stops in Carnarvon.

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    1. Very nerve wracking indeed! First time it has happened so far on this trip and not keen to do it again.

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