Day 123 – 16th May 2018 – Giralia Station

Started the day with an 8km walk/run again with Joyce.  Really nice to have someone to exercise with and a great way to start each day.

After the run I cleaned camp kitchen and cleaned the van then we headed out again for more rock collecting.

In the evening we had our second camp fire and attempted Karen’s Golden Syrup Damper but it was a bit of a disaster.  It tasted good but the camp oven was too hot and the damper burnt on the outside pretty quickly.   The wood is really dry and hard and the coals are much hotter than what we are used to at home.  Usually we need to replace the coals while the damper is cooking as they cool down, and the damper cooks quite slowly from 20 to 40 minutes till it is ready.  Here it took about 15 minutes with no change of coals!  By 20 minutes it was burnt.  There was a lovely couple at the campfire and Col and I enjoyed talking with them, he was from NZ and she was from Goolwa in SA.  It was midnight before we realised, the latest night we have had since we have been on the road I think!!!  Totally normal for me back home but here we go to bed early and get up early.

There was no sign of Bunjil today which is really sad.  Again people were out looking for him but the property is huge, about 680,000 acres!!  Really hope that he is ok but it is not looking good the longer he is missing.

5 thoughts on “Day 123 – 16th May 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. Kris… just wing it, a nice consistency like your lovely bread.
    Fewer coals longer cooking!
    You make me laugh..
    Loving it!

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