Day 126 – 19th May 2018 – Giralia Station

The day started in the usual fashion with me meeting Joyce for our 8km walk out on the airstrip.  When we got back James and Joyce came over for morning tea.  I then did the camp kitchen and focused on doing some blogging as we suddenly had mobile coverage!!

In the afternoon we had news arrive regarding Bunjil but it wasn’t happy news unfortunately.  Jen found him under the art room near the Homestead and he had been bitten by a snake on the day we saw him yelping.  Very, very sad but I am relieved for the family that they know and can now grieve for him.  It was a bit challenging getting him out and they buried him in the front yard of the Homestead.  We all feel incredibly sad as he was a beautiful dog and will be sadly missed at Giralia Station.  He was only 9 months old but I thought he was so much older because of his calm temperament.  It is a reality of pets and animals on a remote Australian station and the Blakes have been through this situation with other horses and dogs before, it is not new to them.  But very sad to say goodbye to a beautiful dog and he will be sadly missed.

Hunca Munca and Bunjil, Giralia Station WA
Hunca Munca and Bunjil, Giralia Station WA

Bunjil the Border Collie, Giralia Station WA
Bunjil the Border Collie, Giralia Station WA
Joyce working on relocation grass with Jen and Indya on the horses in the background, Giralia Station WA
Joyce working on relocation grass with Jen and Indya on the horses in the background, the two ponies were following them around, Giralia Station WA

We had a few lizards come and visit us while packing up.  I am not sure if it is the work we are doing clearing the Station or packing up our things but they popped into the annex to say hello.  Very cute.  One tried to walk through an eyelet and got stuck!  Very funny.  They were very comfortable with us getting up close and this guy did nothing more than blink while Col got up close and personal with his camera.  That sounds creepier than intended!

Cute Dragon Lizard, Giralia Station WA
Cute Dragon Lizard, Giralia Station WA

9 thoughts on “Day 126 – 19th May 2018 – Giralia Station”

    1. We were too Stan, it was really sad. I was glad they found him and finally had an answer as to what happened, but we were really hoping that he would turn up injured. Very, very sad :(

  1. Devastated about Bunjil .atleast he was found .
    Very cute lizard .How are you feeling packing up ,it must be emotional ,its been your home for weeks now ,and you sounded pretty settled in .

    1. We were sad to leave and will miss everyone there. It was really nice to belong somewhere and be part of a community for a while. We will both never forget the experience. Loved it. x

  2. Well that bought a tear for Bunjil, followed by a smile,cheeky lizard he looks fast!
    Glad u can move on knowing Bunjil was found at home too & has been laid to rest.
    Where did that time go time to move on, such a lovely place you have experienced.

    1. Yes, very sad Karen I agree. Such a beautiful dog.
      The Lizards visiting in the afternoon were a nice surprise.
      Like you, I cannot believe how quickly a month passed and we will miss it for sure. Thankful for the experience and the wonderful people that we met!!

  3. I hope Erin sticks to telling the Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons dairy story for Hamish and not Nannys Bunjil from Giralia Station story that is so sad..and we had to wait for updates as you got coverage. Beautiful photos of the little guy.

    1. So true!! I hope that too :) Your comments always crack me up Tania.
      I was saying to Col – I really need to update the blog to tell everyone about Bunjil, they are waiting and hoping for his safe return. It was tough not having coverage and I feel for you waiting for the next update. Especially that it was not the ending we all had hoped for. But glad they found him none the less! He really was a beautiful dog.

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