Day 172 – 4th July 2018 – Darwin

Today was my first shift that I was not a ‘Trainee’ at Club Tropical Resort and I started the shift working with two other people who were really lovely and it was shaping up to be a great day.  Unfortunately someone had to leave work after morning tea and I was reallocated to work with one of the people I had trained with the previous week and it turned out to be a very stressful shift.  I survived it once again but am beginning to see that the job enjoyment is very much linked to who you are partnered with for the day.  I think that is the same with any job actually, it doesn’t matter so much what you have to do, it is who you work with that makes ALL the difference.

12 thoughts on “Day 172 – 4th July 2018 – Darwin”

      1. Thanks Tiger :) They were fun times indeed! I will have to dig out the video of you guys trying to fix the roof hahahahahahahahaha

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!!! So many great memories and laughs. Would not have survived without the awesome people I got to work with. I have been very lucky.

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