Day 151 – 13th June 2018 – Timber Creek to Katherine

We stayed in contact with James and Joyce who we met at Giralia.  They were driving across Australia from Exmouth to Queensland and we were happy to be able to line up a place where our journeys overlapped and we could catch up.  They were staying at Manbulloo Station about 12km out of Katherine, so we decided to join them there.  It is a lovely caravan park on a Cattle Station and there is more room than your average caravan park.

Manbulloo Caravan Park, Katherine NT
Manbulloo Caravan Park, Katherine NT

They had two ablution blocks, one was the normal male and female toilets and showers and the other one was a unisex shower and toilet block.  The unisex one was the one closest to our van but I never really got used to walking into that one.  I always had a moment of panic when I bumped into a man in the toilets and we both had a brief moment of fear that one of us was in the wrong place.

3 thoughts on “Day 151 – 13th June 2018 – Timber Creek to Katherine”

    1. yes it was definitely weird, think I prefer the separate ones. But you are right that it might be a good thing for parents and kids.

  1. I know that feeling!! OMG!! But unisex is the way of the world now. I like that they provide large campsites – very handy. So cool to keep catching up with people you know or have met on the track – I imagine it gives a nice sense of comaradere (?) – (Arrggh – no spell check). xxx

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