Day 69 – 23rd March 2018 – Greenbushes to Mandurah

So much to say and so little time!  This was one big day.  The most significant item that I feel I need to start with is that we got our Annex back!  Yes that is correct, after going AWOL for two weeks and Col and I were coming to terms with it’s absence, we got it back.  This is how the story unfolds.

Col and I plastered Facebook with the missing Annex posts on the 22nd March and we requested people to share the post.  We were truly humbled by how many friends and strangers alike offered assistance and shared the post.  We also posted it on the Augusta, Margaret River and Bussleton Community Notice Pages.  It just happens that it popped up in the news feed of someone in Margaret River called Donna Martin.  She thought that the story sounded familiar on the dates and area we were talking about and took the time to respond to our pleas for help.  She asked me to send my number.  We communicated via Messenger, voice calls, and she explained that someone from the Margaret River Bike Tours found our Annex on the 6th March near Hamelin Bay and tried to hand it into the Turner’s Caravan Park.  They were advised to take it to the Augusta Police Station.  The sad thing is that we had contacted the Augusta Police Station multiple times since that date, to see if an Annex had been handed in, and we were told that it hadn’t been.  We raised a police report and was advised they would contact us if it was returned.

After hearing from Donna Martin, we tried calling the Augusta Police Station once more and got through to the Bunbury Police Station.  They did some investigation and agreed it had been handed to Augusta on the 6th March.

Colin and I packed up camp at Greenbushes and headed to Augusta.  They didn’t open until 2pm, so we timed it for just after that.  We were trying to contain our excitement, but it wasn’t easy.  When we arrived and spoke to the Sergeant at the Augusta Police Station, we explained the situation and was again told that no Caravan Annex had been handed in.  Our faces fell, but we persisted.  We gave him the two Police Report Numbers and he agreed to go and check.  He returned with a big silver bag in in hand!!!!!!!!!  Col and I were trying to hide our excitement but I don’t know that we were doing very well.  After 2 weeks of thinking that we had lost the Annex, there it was sitting behind the desk, looking a little guilty and ashamed of itself.  Not really, it was shining silver and looking particularly happy to be reunited with us :)

We filled out the paperwork and then took our beautiful Annex out to the car where it was securely placed in the front seat with the seat belt around it.  Never to fall off the car again!

Annex securely fastened in the front seat, Augusta WA
Annex securely fastened in the front seat, Augusta WA


So we had to catch up with Donna Martin to express our thanks.  We agreed to meet for a beer in Margaret River and delivered some chocolates and the reward for the return of the Annex.   So thankful that there are good people in the world who took the time to help some strangers and also to the anonymous person who found the annex and made the effort to take it to the police station.  I really do appreciate everyone’s concern and help.  Col and I feel very humbled.

So we then headed to Mandurah and met up with my second Cousin Matthew Durdin and his partner Kym O’Dwyer and once again we were humbled.  We were made to feel so welcome, invited into their beautiful home and given a bed which looked like a 5 star hotel (I kid you not!).  Again we have been humbled by peoples generosity and hospitality.  Matt and Kym were both understanding that we were running late and cooked an amazing meal that was ready for us when we arrived tired after a big driving day.  We got to enjoy good food, wine and conversations with great people.


7 thoughts on “Day 69 – 23rd March 2018 – Greenbushes to Mandurah”

  1. Love this story.
    Just wonder though why the police were so vacant about it ,,its not a small thing to hid away ,they would have past it a few times if by a desk, mmmmmmm ,and not going to look for it when asked about it ,just saying ‘no not here ‘ how frustrating ,I got frustrated reading this part ,i can only imagin what you were feeling ,geepers .
    Woohoo your Annex is back ,Now remember to never let it out of your sight ,doesn’t mean to ignore all else that may slip through the cracks haha .xxxx

    1. Yep we were pretty frustrated to think it had been sitting there the whole time we had been driving around trying to find it! Also frustrating to think that if we hadn’t been told it was definitely there, we would have continued to drive up the coast and may have never gotten it back. But still a good end to the story so we are happy! I think they have a property room, so wasn’t just behind the desk, but still.
      We willl be keeping a very close eye on it let me tell you! xx

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