Day 189 – 21st July 2018 – Darwin

So nice having an unexpected day off.  Col and I got the first sleep in today, I can’t even remember in how long.  We both find it hard to sleep in these days (I can hear the expressions of disbelief coming from the Obnoxious camping crew), but it is true.  Most days we are awake before 7am.  We had such a great and relaxing day just hanging out together.  We couldn’t be bothered cooking dinner in the evening so walked over to the Resort Restaurant again.  The day at home was just what we both needed I think.  Maybe it was good not to know it was coming because we would have organised to do something, and just being able to chill out was great.

2 thoughts on “Day 189 – 21st July 2018 – Darwin”

    1. I totally agree with you Jo. We don’t do enough of it in our lives I don’t think. I should make more of an effort to actually pencil chill time in, or it never really happens. x

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