Day 118 – 11th May 2018 – Giralia Station, trip to Exmouth

Col and I headed into Exmouth to do some shopping and some blogging.

Our first stop was to grab a coffee at a place on the town beach called the ‘Short Order’.  It was a funky little van and they sell some great sounding food too.  Denver, Jen and Indya recommended it.  They have a little grassed area set up next to the van and music playing, it was a great spot to stop for a while.

Exmouth Town Beach, Exmouth WA
Exmouth Town Beach, Exmouth WA
Col enjoying coffee at the 'Short Order', Exmouth WA
Col enjoying coffee at the ‘Short Order’, Exmouth WA

Then we did some errands and picked up some stuff for the others back at the station.  We went to the library and did the techie stuff then the shopping.

Erin kindly organised for my kids to get together for dinner and to do the quiz for my Mother’s day present.  Anyone who knows me well has usually been forced at some stage or another to do the Brainwaves quiz in the Advertiser on a Saturday.  You may think that I would be a Trivia Whiz by now, having done this so often over the years, but this is not the case!  I still get excited if we pass, and that is usually with very flexible rules on multiple answers being accepted.  We do it just for the fun of it.  So we called them to facetime them and do the quiz together over the phone.  Unfortunately we were having issues with coverage, so it took a few goes of driving and moving to try to get good enough signal but we got there in the end.  Jemma and Ryan kindly had everyone at their house and they made homemade pizzas for dinner.  Definitely made me miss being home and hanging out with these guys.  Love them to bits.  But really good to see everyone’s faces and get to share the quiz with them and just appreciate my family and the amazing people they have grown into.  So thankful.  It is a privilege to be their Mum and I will be treasuring that on Sunday.

We then dodged sheep and roos on the way home but made it home safely.

Another beautiful Sunset at Giralia WA
Another beautiful Sunset at Giralia WA

6 thoughts on “Day 118 – 11th May 2018 – Giralia Station, trip to Exmouth”

  1. Looks like you two are really struggling… not. Hoping Col will take you to the Exmouth fishing haunts that Dave, Hally and him talk of . So glad you got to do quizzes with your fam. Looking foward to the next installments x

    1. We still do our cheers everynight and say ‘STBU’, meaning ‘It Sucks To Be Us’ haha.
      We have been to some great fishing spots but not in Exmouth, just fishing our Giralia Station.
      It was awesome to do the quiz with the fam, lots of fun x

  2. Just imagine if you’d done this a few years back – probably would’ve had no contact! But I’m really glad you do and we get to enjoy this along with you. xxx

    1. It was really special and I appreciated the efforts that the kids went to. So good seeing their faces and hearing their voices, even though it did make me sad not to be with them. I really loved getting together. The FaceTime and Social Media aspect of the trip really does reduce the distance. It would have been such a different experience doing this 30 years ago. x

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