Day 99 – 22nd April 2018 – Giralia Station

We haven’t been delegated any jobs yet and feeling more guilty being here and not contributing. We decided to go and start some filming so we started capturing some video of the drive into Giralia Station on the GoPro. When we got back Col saw John and Denver washing down the solar panels and headed over to give them a hand. He also noticed that a water pipe had burst so he decided to take matters into his own hands and try and fix it. Part of the issue is being happy to help but not knowing where anything is or how they like things done. Col dug up the area and managed to find some replacement pipe and fix the problem. Denver was appreciative.

We also spent a few hours helping Indya with the new web page. Not that this is part of our area of expertise, but we all brainstormed it and tried to find a good solution. It is a work in progress but again good to feel like to you can contribute. I also was able to wash down the laundry so both Col and I are feeling a little more like we are working for our keep. Small steps.

Another beautiful sunset over Giralia Station.

Sunset over Giralia Station WA
Sunset over Giralia Station WA

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