Day 166 – 28th June 2018 – Darwin

Before setting off on this journey, I spoke with my sister Son Hughes about whether it would work to get trained up in one area of Woolworths and then try and get work at each remote location on the way around.  I thought that the processes between stores might be similar enough that you could walk in to any store and be able to slot in and may be a good option for when we were on the move.  Son thought this could potentially work and kicked off an enquiry.

Woolworths in Darwin were interested to meet with me and conduct an interview to see if I would be a good candidate to join the Woolies team.  As I have started work at Club Tropical Resort as a Housekeeper, I am not looking for additional shifts at this stage, but thought it would be wise not to burn any bridges and to meet with the Store Manager to discuss.  The situation has changed a bit for us now that Col got a 6 month contract in Darwin and we are staying in one place for that time.  But I decided it would be good to go along and meet with the Store Manager and see what unfolds.  I gave them a call and a meeting has been booked in for Tuesday next week and we will see what happens.

I figure that getting some cleaning experience and recent retail experience will help get work when travelling in the future.  We have seen a few jobs advertised in the Kimberley at resorts and roadhouses and I think if you have current experience you should be able to pick something up in remote locations pretty quickly.  Anyway, will see how it plays out.

Today was a bit of a recovery day from the 3 day assault on my body that is my job :)  And also had a bunch of errands to do.

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