Day 249 – 20th September 2018 – Darwin

The virus has officially won.  I woke up feeling worse so decided not to go to work and went to see the Dr instead.  She gave me 3 days off work, so I will stay home the rest of this week and try again on Monday.

We had some surprise visitors today, the cutest ones ever.  Two little baby Curlews!  I am in love.  I was madly trying to ring Col to tell him to be careful because these cute little guys were in our driveway and I was worried he would just swing in and potentially run them over.  I needn’t have worried, when he got close the mum stood up and put up her wings and made sure Col saw her and the important guests.

Baby Bush Stone-Curlews, Lee Point NT
Baby Bush Stone-Curlews, Lee Point NT
Baby Bush Stone-Curlews, Lee Point NT
Baby Bush Stone-Curlews, Lee Point NT

10 thoughts on “Day 249 – 20th September 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Col has tried but they make a hissing noise if you even stand up while they are eating. They are super cautious and wouldn’t let you near the babies. They come up fairly closse to feed now, but Col likes to push them and drop it right near him and they won’t touch it. They just growl and hiss their disapproval of the test :) xx

  1. Hope you are on the mend my friend x Beautiful visitors, very cute.
    Excited for you re the air con. I’ve been watching with interest the weather forecast in Darwin. A nice cool breeze to break some of the heat would be welcomed. Let us know how you go xx

    1. Thanks Tania :)
      They really are very cute, even cuter in real life! (You should come up and see them for yourself).
      Oh me too….. I cannot wait now. Humidity is building and the nights are definitely getting uncomfortable for me to sleep through. Col on the other hand could sleep if it was 45 degrees with 100% humidity hahaha. x

    1. Yes they are, and that is always an option if it gets too uncomfortable. It is at my limit at the moment, where I am coping but it is disrupting sleep. Hopefully we have the air-con installed in the van within the next two weeks, fingers crossed!

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