Day 125 – 18th May 2018 – Giralia Station

We had planned a big fishing day out on Friday and planned to go and pick up the boat and bring it back in preparation for leaving on Monday.  James and Joyce were going to come in Col’s boat and Denver, Jen and Indya in Denver’s boat.  Col and I headed to the boat shed early to get the boat ready and James and Joyce were going to meet us down there.  The Blakes were also going to meet us at the boat ramp.  We did the boat prep and Col started putting Denver’s GPS fishing spots into the RayMarine but it took quite a while.  The first one he put in was the Homestead :) but you don’t know what they are until you enter them!

James and Joyce met up with us and we got the fishing rods ready then went to put the boat in.  You have to wait until 3 hours before high tide to ensure there is enough water to launch.  We came over the crest and saw that there were white caps and the wind was blowing hard across the bay!  So disappointing.  But that is fishing.  It would have been safe to go out but just really uncomfortable with 4 people in the open boat.  It didn’t appeal to any of us in those conditions.  So we agreed to pull the pin.  A bit disappointing as it was the last fishing opportunity at Giralia this trip, but it really would not have been very comfortable out there.

Col and I headed back to camp with the boat to begin the pack up.  On the way back we passed Denver, Jen and Indya heading out and gave them an update on the weather conditions.  They agreed it was better to give it a miss.  They mentioned that they had seen dog tracks on the road between the Homestead and the beach, which may be Bunjil but could also be wild dogs or dingoes.  We said we would keep our eyes peeled on the way home.

We spotted the dog tracks on the road and got out the car to look each time we saw them, but didn’t find him.  It is just awful not knowing what has happened to him.  The likelihood of finding him now is slim, but I hate not knowing what happened.  I feel for the Blake’s.

We headed back to camp and started the pack up.

2 thoughts on “Day 125 – 18th May 2018 – Giralia Station”

    1. Thanks Jo, they are fairly accepting of the outcome as it is not unusual on the station. But he had a great temperament and everybody loved him, so everyone is very sad about the outcome.

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