Day 214 – 15th August 2018 – Darwin

4th day filling in for Rory and my body is definitely feeling it.  I wonder if there is an app to count how many squats or step ups you do in a day?  The stats would be interesting as it is just 8 hours of physical exercise.  By the eighth hour when I squat down I am not 100% confident that I will get back up.  I haven’t got stuck yet but that would be pretty funny, having to duck waddle out of the store.  The staff room and the computer to print out plan o grams are also up stairs so you are running up and down stairs throughout the day as well.  Pleased that my old body is handling this ok.  My knees like to occasionally remind me of my age, but really overall I am doing ok.  Only one more day to go and then two days off, whoop whoop!

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