Day 181 – 13th July 2018 – Darwin

Guess what?  I worked again today, totally surprising.

When I got home from work my neighbours Peter and Helen called me over to have a cuppa. It was lovely catching up with them.  They are pretty amazing people, Helen said she didn’t like the fireworks on Territory Day because she remembers living through WWII, so I am guessing they are in their 80s.  They swim twice a day (everyday without fail), ride their bikes and do exercises.  I really enjoy talking with them, they are interesting people.  They have been coming up to Darwin during the winter for the past 10 years but are usually based in Geelong.

Col and I went out to dinner in the evening at the Casuarina Club.  We went to buy alcohol at the Cellarbrations there a while ago and when we went to pay for it the guy said we needed a membership card!  So we had to go into the club and sign up and pay $1 to join.  This allows you to use the other facilities at the club such as the restaraunt, pokies and sports bar.

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