Bin and Paper Towel – suction hooks

Col came up with a great idea for the bin and the paper towel holder.  Suction hooks!  This gets the bin bag off the counter/cupboards and doesn’t take up any space, you just need to get small bin bags with handles.  He also found this awesome suction hook paper towel holder.  Helps to preserve precious bench space.

Suction hooks - bin and paper towel holder
Suction hooks – bin and paper towel holder

We have come to really value these hooks and you can’t have too many!  They help to keep things off the bench and seats so keeps things a little tidier.  Just don’t leave heavy towels on them when you are on the move or they do fall off.  But we haven’t had any issues with them falling off while we are stationary.  Col got all  the hooks from Bunnings.  He got the paper towel holder from the Foodland at Woodcroft.

Caravan suction hooks
Caravan suction hooks
Caravan suction hooks - double
Caravan suction hooks – double

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  1. Went up to Woodcroft this morning…. they have sold out of all you recommend!! All your followers may be purchasing on recommendation!

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