Day 165 – 27th June 2018 – Darwin

Day 3 housekeeping and somehow I am still managing to move around.  I have definitely worked every muscle in my body and feel them all crying out, but I can still squat, bend, lift and run upstairs, so that is one good thing.  I seriously can’t face eating breakfast or lunch though, so just snacks and water during the day seem to be enough.  Last day of training today and then next week it will just be me and one other person, today was the last of three people to a room.  Interesting.  Hopefully I can manage it ok on my own.  I definitely won’t be hitting the 25 minute goal initially though, that much I know.

Such an interesting and motley crew too, there are quite a few backpackers from all over the world.  They tend to be fairly young, there are Belgian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian.  There are a couple of women in their 60s and a few middle agers, maybe 15 in total.  Some of the stories of these women are heartbreaking.  It is amazing what people live through and survive.  I find it interesting that it is a totally different group of people than you meet in an office.  One lady in her 60s husband passed away at the end of last year and she is working 6 days a week to make enough money.  Her daughter lives on the Gold Coast and is expecting a baby soon, grandchild number 3, and she cannot afford an airfare there to visit her.  There are so many stories of abuse and battles hard fought and survived.  These women are doing it tough and working incredibly hard to support their families and make ends meet.  I have so much respect for them and am glad of the opportunity to work there and put life into perspective.  Col and I both know that we are lucky and we acknowledge it everyday.  It is good to meet these women and be inspired by them.

5 thoughts on “Day 165 – 27th June 2018 – Darwin”

  1. …we of the never never …
    Really enjoyed the read tonight. Thanks Kris for reminding us that we are a lucky bunch and to never lose sight of those in front of our eyes. Very humbling xxx

    1. Ditto to Tanias .we are lucky .All kinds of storeys of women doing it hard but getting on with life the best they can.

  2. Thanks Kris. Easy to forget how lucky we are when we are caught up in our own daily trials – good to be reminded occasionally. Keep up the hard work, I love how you manage to put a positive spin on everything you do. xxx

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