Day 171 – 3rd July 2018 – Darwin

Today I had my meeting with the Store Manager in the Darwin City Woolworths store to discuss any potential job opportunities.  As my situation had changed and I had started working at Club Tropical Resort, the plan was to go in and introduce myself and thank him for his interest and  the opportunity to meet with him but to explain that I was now working for the Resort.  The Resort is seasonal work and I thought there may be potential to get some work with Woolworths when things quieten down a little later in the year.  As it turns out he was lovely and someone that I would really like to work for.  I was impressed with the staff there from the moment I walked in, everyone was happy and positive and the place had a good vibe.  He was interested in offering me work and asked me to follow the normal recruitment process and submit my application.   I am keen to see if we can make this work and so will progress with my job application and see what happens.

Some of the benefits in working for Woolworths as opposed to the Resort is that I would have a set roster with every second weekend off, I can choose how many hours I want to work and can pick up more shifts if I would like to.  This will help for Col and I to be able to plan some more trips to explore NT.  The Woolworths Group includes many other businesses such as BWS, Dan Murphys, Big W to name just a few, so lots of job opportunities to move around as well.  Anyway, will submit my application and see what happens.  In the meantime I will continue to work at the resort and hone my newly acquired skills and fitness levels!

4 thoughts on “Day 171 – 3rd July 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Dan Murphy BWS well well well ….need you really think about the opportunities any further ?
    However sounds much more in keeping with work life adventure balance and dare I say more comfortable working environment when the wet season hits. Well done my friend x

    1. Yes I have clearly thought this through hey :)
      Definitely glad I will have some air-conditioned comfort when the build up begins!!!

  2. Another opportunity come your way with good timing, good luck,
    Enjoyable reading last few days , yes have heard of the fireworks night glad you got to experience that & no one was hurt.

    1. Yes we are feeling pretty lucky with the timing of work and experiences on this trip that is for sure. Appreciating every minute.
      Very glad to have survivied Territory Day unscathed!! xx

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