Day 200 – 1st August 2018 – Darwin

I worked with Rory who is a character and has worked for Woolies for over 10 years in many different roles.  He is only young but knows the place inside out.  He makes me laugh and I enjoy working with him, I think  he is loved by every Department.  He does all the discounting of stock for Perishables and Groceries as well as ‘Plan-O-Grams’ which is reshuffling stock according to the Merchandise Reps that come into the store and request a change.  Or to move items quicker and reposition etc.  Reshuffling stock is a massive under estimation of what this entails, it is an involved and challenging process to rework an area and includes re-shelving, re-printing tickets and a total restructure of an aisle section.

Rory is going on leave for a couple of weeks and Christina was going to back fill him, but Christina has been snapped up by the Bakery section which means that ‘Yours Truely’ will be attempting to backfill Rory while on leave.  So I am having a bit of a crash course training over this week and next to try to get me ready for this.  So today I learnt about discounting the perishibles and moving the stock close to expiry.  We then started a full stock take of the HBA section that I am meant to look after on an ongoing basis.  All in all an interesting day.  The only issue is that I will be filling in for Rory full time while on leave for two weeks.  I can’t get away from Full Time work it seems!  At least it is only temporary and then I will go back to Part Time.  That is what I keep telling myself anyway.

5 thoughts on “Day 200 – 1st August 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Wow …August already 8 months into it .. who would have thought you would have added so many new jobs and skills to your resume !! Amazing drive you have and giving everything a red hot go xx
    Seems there’s plenty of opportunities for work for those willing to take on new challenges

  2. Well done ‘Yours Truly ‘ Still a up right postion too hon, not sittingbat desk ,so soak feet each night and back rub from Col me thinks :)

  3. Good on ya Girl! You are a go getter. Who’d have thought you’d be adding this type of work to your skill base. Very proud of you for getting out and doing it XXX

    1. Thanks so much Sam, really appreciate the support. It is fun doing something different and challenging yourself. xxxx

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