Day 106 – 29th April 2018 – Giralia Station

The temperature has crept back up and today hit 40 degrees celsius, toasty warm! We are still coping ok with the heat as it cools down overnight and we are fine with just a fan which we end up turning off in the early hours of the morning and pulling on the doona! The heat is quite dry so that also helps, if it was humid and 40 it may be another story. You do really feel it when you are doing physical work though, and going for a drive in the car is exciting as you get a bit of air-conditioning for a while. The small things.

John headed into Exmouth early today so I cleaned the toilets and showers today as well as the camp kitchen.

Now that Col feels that he has the follow/tracking function nailed on the drone, we went for another drive to try and recreate the amazing shots we had filmed the other day. We made sure we checked the footage had recorded before moving onto the next spot this time. All went well I am happy to report. We saw a fairly large goanna run across the road, but by the time Col jumped out with the GoPro he was long gone. Col did come across a Hawk that was in a tree nearby and got fairly close filming it before it took to flight.

When we returned home we noticed some interesting tracks around our van and deduced that it was a large monitor lizard from the tail drag marks and the foot prints alongside. It had had a good nosey around and walked under the van then popped out the other side. We haven’t seen him yet, just his tracks. Denver said there were a few around the place and they keep to themselves.

We invited Denver over to watch some of the footage we had taken of the station and he was happy with it but suggested filming the creek and beach sites on a high tide. So we will go again when the weather and tides are right.

Giralia Sunset, Giralia Station WA
Giralia Sunset, Giralia Station WA

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