Day 226 – 28th August 2018 – Darwin

Col had to work today but I had the day off.

Dave and I dropped Col off at work then took his car in to get serviced.

Dave and I chilled out in the morning and then planned to go fishing off the rocks at East Point in the afternoon.  We drove to the first place at East Point that we had been with Angry and Kat previously, but the tide was too far out to fish there. After having a look around, we decided to continue to drive around to East Point Reserve and went to check out the second spot we went fishing with Angry and Kat.  Again there wasn’t anywhere here we could fish from because of the tide.

East Point low tide, Darwin NT
East Point low tide, Darwin NT
Dave - an 'Easty' at East Point, Darwin NT
Dave – an ‘Easty’ at East Point, Darwin NT

So we changed our plans and I called the Car place to see if we could collect Col’s car a bit later and then we headed back into the city to do a bit of fishing from Stokes Hill Wharf.  I started getting bites as soon as I dropped my line in but I also had heaps of snags.  Dave was pretty patient with me thankfully, apparently Col and Sam trained him well when they were little.  Quite a few bites but nothing landed on the wharf.  We really only had a little over an hour before we needed to collect Col from work and then grab his car on the way home.  Another fun but unproductive fishing day.

Dave on Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin Harbour NT
Dave on Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin Harbour NT

4 thoughts on “Day 226 – 28th August 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Get some pork on your fork !!!
    I believe theres a sunset fish n chip crocodile spotting cruise in Darwin, might have more luck with the fish eating !!!

    1. I think you might be right there Tania! We generally do well from the boat but definitely not land based, that is for sure. x

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