Day 208 – 9th August 2018 – Darwin, Mindil Markets

I had to work 8am to 1pm today and it was meant to be the last training shift with Rory, but he called in sick before going on leave!!  So I am now flying solo for the next 2 weeks starting today.  The next two weeks will be full time, Sunday to Thurs 8am to 4pm.

After my shift I met mum and we went for lunch at the bakery in Darwin City and then went to the WWII Oil Tunnels.  I usually love this kind of history but I have to say it was a bit disappointing.  Some of the information was interesting but they effectively spent a massive amount of money building these underground tunnels to house the oil to be used in the war but they had so many issues building them that they were never really used for their purpose.  They spent over $1 million pounds but the tunnels kept leaking.  I feel for the men who worked in really tough conditions to build them and it would have been a heartbreaking project.  It was a tunnel with a whole lot of signs to read with a lot of information.  Overall, if you are in Darwin, I wouldn’t rush to see this one.

That evening we went to Mindil Beach Markets and I have to say that I was really impressed with it.  I am not a huge market fan but they had great food and everyone sits on the beach to eat their dinner and watch the sunset on the dunes.  The funny thing is that everyone claps when the sun sets, like a wonderful performance, which it is I guess.  Still made me giggle.  I couldn’t believe how many people go to the Mindil markets considering they are on every Thursday and Sunday and the population in Darwin is relatively small.  Amazing how many people go.  There was great live music and we listened to a band play with didgeridoos.  Great music, food and atmosphere, overall a very affordable and fun night out.  We did a bit of shopping around the markets and really enjoyed the night.  Definitely add this one to the list of things to do if you are ever up this way.  Apparently Thursday night is much busier than Sunday which I also found interesting.

Mindil Markets, Mindil Beach, Darwin NT
Mindil Markets, Mindil Beach, Darwin NT
Mum on the dunes at Mindil Beach watching the sunset, Darwin NT
Mum on the dunes at Mindil Beach watching the sunset, Darwin NT
Sunset Mindil Beach, Darwin NT
Sunset Mindil Beach, Darwin NT
Band at Mindil Beach Markets, Darwin NT
Band at Mindil Beach Markets, Darwin NT

10 thoughts on “Day 208 – 9th August 2018 – Darwin, Mindil Markets”

  1. The Markets are on my to do list for sure. I believe there’s great international street food there also. Beautiful photo of your Mum by the way ….
    Keep on blogging you’re almost up to date !!

    1. I thought of the Crew ladies when I was there that you guys would enjoy it. The food was fantastic and really quite cheap. Definitely worth going. Col did kind of stand out in his work clothes :)

  2. Did they ever say what the cause was for all those leak?s or was it just one of those things that kept failing for no real reason?

    1. They said that water seeped between the steel lining and the concrete walls and corrosion set in. They tried heaps of things to fix it but without success. Even today as you walk through there is water pouring out of the walls into the tunnels at different spots. Just underground water seeping in. Some of the tunnels are closed because of it. Really sad.

  3. Hello… have just caught up on the last 10 days of brilliant blog & photos.
    Great that your mum has enjoyed NT with you also.
    Lovely sunsets, beautiful eating fish..
    Taj Mahal hey, we used to have that with tarps & poles!!
    You have met, mix & work with some lovely people , helps!
    Keep them coming..

    1. Thanks Karen :) x
      Yes was good to have Mum here to share those experiences with.
      You guys did have the Taj Mahal I agree :)

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