Day 157 – 19th June 2018 – Darwin

After dropping Col off yesterday in town I noticed that there was a big open air car park the next street over from his work.  I mentioned this to him and he drove himself in today and parked his car there.  It costs $5.50 for the whole day parking in Darwin!  Undercover parking is only $7 per day haha – sooooooo different from Adelaide, and Adelaide is so cheap compared to Sydney!  The cost of living does seem to be much better.

I continued working my way through my list of things and one of those was to do the washing.  I went to hang it up on the clothesline at our camp site, but couldn’t reach it.  It is built for giants (which I am definitely not).  I had to get a little stool to stand on and wow it was annoying.  Hanging up a couple of things getting down, moving the stool, getting up.  Good work out but super annoying.  Will need to find a solution for this.

I wanted to put up our tent for storage and Col and I had spoken about possible places for it.  I put up the tent on the grass area in front of our van but only put in the corner pegs until Col gave it the stamp of approval to stay.  I want to get everything out of my car so I can go and clean the inside, but will need to leave it for another day.

The ensuite is just a room with a cement floor, no shower curtain or shelving, so when you have a shower the water goes everywhere.  One of my jobs on my list was to get a shower caddy, shower curtain and shelving for the bathroom.  I also have my top for work but needed to buy some black shorts.  So a chunk of my day was driving around trying to source these things.

Now that people have seen us putting up our annex and making signs that we are staying long term I have had a few people come over and introduce themselves.  There is a very cute older couple opposite us, their names are Helen and Peter, and they are a wealth of information and really go out of their way to make us feel welcome.  We would guess that they are in their 80s but super fit, they go swimming twice a day!  They are from Geelong but have been coming up here for the winter for the past 10 years. It is quite a friendly park with many people coming here for many years or staying here long term.

Col had another good second day at work.  When he saw the placement of the tent he decided to move it.  Glad I only put in the four corner pegs!  The tent was moved onto a cement slab behind the van and roped down, so I can unpack my car into it tomorrow.  The problem using it for a shed is we will have to move everything in it when we want to go away for the weekend.  But at least our cars will finally be clean!  Well as clean as you can get them after taking them through the Kimberley!

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