Day 256 – 27th September 2018 – Darwin

Shout out to Jem my daughter for graduating today, Bachelor Degree in Health Science.  Huge achievement and I am so proud of you.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Erin, Jake, Haim, Ryan and Jem all headed off overseas for a well earned break today too.  They were stressing because Jemma’s graduation fell on the same day as when they were leaving and they were really worried about cutting it fine and missing the plane.  As it turned out, it all went smoothly and they got away without any issue.

It is funny to miss them more knowing they are overseas hahahaha.  It really doesn’t make much difference as I can’t see them anyway while in Darwin, but the thought of that extra distance does something funny with your perception.  It was also sad not being able to be there for Jem’s graduation.  But that is life, there are always pro’s and con’s for every situation and I am incredibly lucky that my kids are supportive of our travels.

6 thoughts on “Day 256 – 27th September 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Thanks Son, that is kind of you to say. They are all amzing people, I totally agree and they have all met amazing people too which is very awesome.

      This achievement all belongs to Jem though. xx

    1. Yes Jake has done a great job of the photography, I am enjoying seeing their trip. Such a beautiful part of the world and I hope to get to Ireland one day myself. Have been to Scotland and loved it.

    1. I think we should make a rule that you can only travel in Australia hahahahah. Only joking, I am very happy that the kids are out exploring the world. It puts Adelaide into perspective I think. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adelaide and I love Australia, but it is a great thing to experience other Countries and cultures. There is more to life than our own backyard.

      Intriguing question though, I wonder where they did get their travel bug from? :)

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