Day 303 – 13th November 2018 – Darwin

I have made a bit of an executive decision to only blog weekly, or if there is anything significant to share, from here on.  As the holiday part of of our trip is coming to a close and I will be heading back to Adelaide soon to see everyone (CANNOT WAIT).  So if you notice gaps in the days, this is why.

So on the 13th November we had gone to bed and put on the air-conditioner to run all night long.  This has been working fantastically well and we have both been loving it.  But this night I woke up at some point really hot, so turned the temp lower.  Later I woke up really cold and turned it higher.  On the third occasion of waking up to adjust the temperature, I realised that something wasn’t quite right and thought we had maybe left the outside door open, or maybe a window.  I got up to investigate.  I think it was about 3am.

As I walked past the sink heading towards the door, I could hear water running.  It was dark, but I stuck my hand under the tap to see if we had maybe left it on.  I couldn’t feel any water there.  I was right that the door had been left open to the van which is why the air-con was struggling so much to maintain the temperature.  I went outside to close it and again could hear the water running.  It sounded like it was pouring out under the van.  I tried to wake Col up to tell him but he kept saying that it was just the air-conditioner.  We had had the air-con for a few days at this point without ever hearing water running, so I wasn’t convinced.  As I went back through the van to share this information with Col, I walked through a puddle of water on the floor inside the van!  Oh no.

I flicked on the light to see that there was water over the floor of the van.  Col jumped up and had a look in the cupboard under the sink and saw that a hot water valve had split and there was hot water pouring out into the cupboard, under the van and onto the floor.  Col shut off the water and I switched off the water heater and we went into clean up mode.  Fishing out partially cooked potatoes and onions from the cupboard under the sink, along with various other items.

Hot water valve split under the sink, Lee Point, Darwin NT
Hot water valve split under the sink, Lee Point, Darwin NT

So we were lucky that we had left the door open that night and the air-conditioner woke me up.  Or it might have been a very different scene come the morning!!

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