Day 184 – 16th July 2018 – Darwin

Today is my beautiful Grandson Hamish’s 3rd birthday.  I miss him very much and love all our video calls and even receive very cute packages from the Cunninghams with pictures drawn by Hamish and letters he has narrated for Erin to write.  Thanks so much Air for taking the time to send these, they make my day.  The last package also included a heap of the Brainwaves Quizes out of the Saturday Advertiser – yay!  And a shell each for Nanny and Grandad that Hamish had found on the beach.  I had posted Haim his presents and enjoyed watching a video of him opening them.  I am so lucky to have such an awesome family.

I worked again but today I was put with a new person, Tiffany.  Tiff had worked at Club Tropical Resort as a Housekeeper for a month a couple of years ago, so she had some previous experience.  It was very strange being the ‘senior’ person when I am used to running around after someone else who has the board and knows what is going on.  I was a little nervous but it turned out to be a good day.  Tiff is great to work with and we laughed a lot throughout the day which always helps.  We work at a similar pace and it was fun.  Hopefully we get teamed up again tomorrow.

Tiff is a very colourful and interesting character.  She is nearly 50 and has 9 children and 18 grandkids with 2 more on the way!!!!!  She has tattoos and piercings and long, long fake nails.  I was intrigued how she could make beds with those things!  I have short nails and am continuously bending them backwards when I tuck in the sheets – very painful!  She also had beautiful long fake lashes and makeup.  I seriously don’t know how she can work looking so glamorous, I have sweat pouring off me in about 5 minutes which would have caused my fake eyelashes to slide off my face and I would have had streaked and smudged makeup in no time.  But she looked as beautiful at the end of the day as she did at the start.  Not sure how she managed this.  She was fun and the day flew by and she didn’t lose a nail or a lash, I am pleased to report.

It really doesn’t matter what you do for work as long as you get to work with good people it makes the world of difference.  I know I am repeating myself on this topic, but I really feel this strongly.  Very glad to work with Tiff and all of the great people I have had the privilege to work with/study with so far (you all know who you are!).

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