29th March – Adelaide to Port Augusta

Sam, Steff and I packed up the car and we were ready to leave Adelaide to head to Port Augusta by 4pm.  It was good to finally be on the road and heading back to Col and Darwin.  I will definitely miss my friends and family in Adelaide but was thankful I had those months to hang out with them and enjoy their company.  And so the road trip begins ……….

We didn’t encounter any issues on the drive but we were against the clock to try and get into Port Pirie before it got dark.  My Grandfather, Jim Sitters, passed away just over a year ago at 93 years old.  He was born in Port Pirie and grew up there with his Parents and siblings and we wanted to stop by the house to show Sam and Steff.  We only just made it as the sun was setting, but there was enough light to see the house and it was a good moment to just stop and remember him.  While we were standing there looking at the house from the footpath, a lady came outside and noticed us staring at her house.  We quickly explained the situation and she very kindly offered for us to go inside and have a look around.

We were very grateful that a stranger would allow us this privilege, to walk through her house.  They were the original floorboards, so it was nice to realise that we were standing right where Grandpa would have stood at some point.  It was a fantastic start to our trip and we were all very appreciative.  We said our goodbyes and went to grab some dinner before continuing our drive to Port Augusta.

Sam and Steff at Grandpa's house in Port Pirie
Sam and Steff at Grandpa’s house in Port Pirie
My Grandpa, Jim Sitters
My Grandpa, Jim Sitters

As we were only staying in Port Augusta overnight, we went with fairly basic accommodation.  We stayed in a cabin at the Discovery Park – Port Augusta.  The room was clean and comfortable and affordably priced.

4 thoughts on “29th March – Adelaide to Port Augusta”

  1. Wow.. what a great experience to share with your kids. Very dignified and handsome man your Grandad.
    Welcome Sam & Steff to an amazing adventure.

    1. It was pretty amazing. It was funny because Sam wanted to go up and knock on the door and tell them why we were there. Steff and I were thinking that would be pretty awkward. While we were standing there debating it the lady came outside – perfect timing!

  2. Lovely to know the connection with your Grandpa and a shout out to the kind lady for letting you seen the home – what a lovely thing to do. xxx

    1. Thanks Sam, it was pretty lovely of her. We are convinced that Grandpa orchestrated that one :)

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