Day 68 – 22nd March 2018 – Denmark to Greenbushes

We left Denmark Ocean Beach Caravan Park today and drove approximately 250km to Greenbushes today.  There are a few camps here to choose from.  One has a beautiful swimming area but is relatively small, called Greenbushes Pool Camp and this is a donation only site.  There is another free camp near the Sports Complex.  There are toilets and water at the free camp and you can stay for 7 days.  For us it will be an overnight stop, as we will heading to Mandurah tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning we will go and check out the Greenbushes Pool campsite, as the photos looked really beautiful.

We chatted to a local here this afternoon and he said there is a Lithium mine in Greenbushes.  Neither Col nor I knew that Lithium was mined in Australia.  Apparently if you get a magnet you can pick up the little gravel rocks off the roads.  We haven’t tried it yet, but interesting info.

Greenbushes Sports Complex Campsite, Greenbushes WA
Greenbushes Sports Complex Campsite, Greenbushes WA

We went and checked out the Greenbushes Pool Campsite and this is really lovely for families and also pet friendly.  You can camp for 72 hours and it is a donation at the Petrol Station in town.  See Day 73 blog for pictures and the run down on the camp, link below.

Greenbushes Pool Campsite


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    1. Thanks Martin, we both really loved Mandurah and would be keen to go back again and spend more time. It was weird being back in traffic and stopping for traffic lights though :)
      Really glad you are enjoying the blogs too!

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