Day 187 &188 – 19th & 20th July 2018 – Darwin

Back to work again on Thursday and Friday and working with Tiff so that was good.  She heads off on holidays for the next two weeks, so will be working with someone else next week.  She definitely makes work fun.

I was meant to work again tomorrow on Saturday but they were quiet and asked if anyone wanted a day off they could have it.  I almost dislocated my shoulder with my hand shooting up into the air.  So annoying though as we could have planned to go away if we had known I would have the weekend off.  It is so hard not having set shifts as you just can’t book anything in.

The application process is progressing with Woolies and I am waiting to hear confirmation of whether or not I have the job.  I have been playing phone tag with the Woolies Recruitment team due to not being able to take calls during my shifts at the Resort.  Hopefully we can line up a time to talk on Monday.

Pay day again today and once again had a laugh lining up and collecting my cash envelope from the General Manager.  Whilst it is amusing, it is also annoying to then have to drive to the bank to deposit the cash.

In the evening we headed over to the resort restaurant next door for dinner.  It is really nice that it is still so warm after dark and you can walk there and back, I do enjoy that.

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