Day 275 – 16th October 2018 – Darwin

The birds have all worked out that we feed the Curlews and they all rush over to try and get some.  Generally there are Ibis, Plovers, Magpie Larks and Pigeons trying to muscle in.  Lately there is a new bird on the block that wants it’s share, and that is the Blue-Faced Honeyeater, which is a spectacular looking bird.

I have been feeding the Curlew’s cheese as I looked up what is ok to feed them.  They get dog food meat from the neighbours and apparently cheese is good for them to get the calcium they need.  Apparently all the birds like cheese!  So I put the cheese in a zip lock bag when finished and usually put it in the outside fridge.  I forgot today and put it on top of the bar fridge.  Shortly afterward I look up to see the Blue-Faced Honeyeater trying to eat the cheese through the plastic packet, looking slightly confused and a bit miffed as to why he can’t steal it.  The bird life up here is defenitely entertaining.

A Blue-Faced Honeyeater, Lee Point, Darwin NT
A Blue-Faced Honeyeater trying to steal cheese, Lee Point, Darwin NT

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