February 2018 – 16 to 20

Day 34 – 16th February 2018 – Lucky Bay to Munglinup

The pack up went well and we left Lucky Bay and drove to see the Stonehenge Replica at Esperance. We had seen this on one of the 4WD shows that we watched and decided to go visit it. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, as I thought it was a bit weird to try and build a replica of something like Stonehenge in Australia and so I expected it to be a bit lame. But we thought we would stop in and see it nonetheless. So very glad that we did. I really loved it! Continue reading “February 2018 – 16 to 20”

February 2018 – 11 to 15

Day 29 – 11th February 2018 – Lucky Bay

We sat outside in the annex to have breakfast and got our daily visit from the Mother Kangaroo and he Joey – they are very cute. But they were rummaging around in the annex trying to find food, so they headed off once it was all out of their reach.

Lucky Bay, Roo visitor
Lucky Bay, Roo visitor

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February 2018 – 6 to 10

Day 24 – 6th February 2018 – Norseman

Today it was 39 degrees and a storm was meant to arrive around 2pm.  It is now early evening and still no rain.  We decided to head into town and go for a swim today.  They have a beautiful pool which was free!  Such a great way to spend a hot day.  Tomorrow we pack up and head for Esperance where we will be staying put for at least a week, so that will be nice to settle in somewhere for a little bit.  We will hopefully get to do a bit of fishing there too although the weather might still be against us.

Norseman, Pool
Norseman, Pool

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February 2018 – 1 to 5

Day 19 – 1st February 2018 – Nundroo to the Nullarbor Roadhouse

We packed up camp at our Nundroo East campsite and headed into Nundroo to play the next hole of the Nullabor Links course.  Oh my.  This is one challenging and nasty hole.  It took us a long time to work out where to tee off, we were wandering around in the rain, amongst a wasteland with abandoned cars and nothing that resembled a fairway.  It was meant to be a Par 5, but I got 18.  Yep, that is correct.  18.   Col got a tidy 10.  We started with 3 balls, lost 1 and found 4. Continue reading “February 2018 – 1 to 5”

Day 46 – 28th February 2018 – Walpole

We decided to take the boat out today and fish in the inlets and had a successful fishing day.  The launch and the retrieve of the boat both went really smoothly for a change!  It is a really beautiful part of the world.

Walpole Inlet
Walpole Inlet

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Day 45 – 27th February 2018 – Walpole

We started the day with this beautiful breakfast view!  Not a bad way to start the day.

Our breakfast view today, Walpole WA
Our breakfast view today, Walpole WA

We then went for a bit of a drive around and visited the Giant Tingle Tree on the Hilltop Road drive.   We couldn’t get a photo of the biggest tree as the light was wrong and the photos we did get just didn’t do it justice.  But there were plenty of other amazing trees to see. Continue reading “Day 45 – 27th February 2018 – Walpole”

February 2018 – 26 to 28

Day 44 – 26th February 2018 – Torbay Inlet to Walpole

The pack-up went well and the two hour drive went smoothly from Torbay Inlet to Walpole.   Be aware if you are staying at Torbay Inlet that the camp fills up late in the day and gets really busy by morning.

We picked the Rest Point Holiday Village in Walpole and we are really happy with our choice!  We have views of the water and there is green grass and beautiful trees all around.  There is a boat ramp here and fish cleaning table.  There are two inlets you can explore before you reach the ocean mouth.  We did hear that a few boats have flipped going out of Wilson Inlet into the Ocean, so we will be staying in the Inlets.  They are protected from the wind and there are plenty of good fish around – Yellow Fin Whiting, King George Whiting, Black Bream (I spelled it right this time Sam!) and Trevally.  We are planning a fishing day tomorrow, so will let you know how we go. Continue reading “February 2018 – 26 to 28”

Day 43 – 25th February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany, visit to Denmark WA

Today was a full day and I need to warn you that there will be a lot of photos in this blog!  In fact I have found it really hard to narrow it down.  We visited Denmark today, which is a beautiful little town with so much to do and see nearby.  I would definitely like to come back to this place and stay a while.  We couldn’t get to everything, but we did pack a fair bit in.

We did the scenic drive near the town and this is a pic of their Surf Club and beach.  A huge club with a significant turn out for their training session.  Such a beautiful place.  There is an inlet that is protected too, so a great place for all skill levels.

Ocean Beach Surf Club, Denmark WA
Ocean Beach Surf Club, Denmark WA

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Day 42 – 24th February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany

Day 42 – 24th February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany

We packed up the fishing gear and thought we would go for a drive around to Shelly Beach and try and find a good spot to fish.  Unfortunately it was just too windy, so settled on exploring instead.

The first place we checked out was Cosy Corner Beach and Campsite.  This is a free camp and looked like a great spot.  It is popular though, so may be full when you arrive.  There are toilets and a dump point there, but no hose.  There is a beautiful day spot too – Cosy Corner West, and they have lots of shaded tables and chairs and BBQs, if you are looking for a place to spend the day.

Cosy Corner Beach, near Albany
Cosy Corner Beach, near Albany

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Day 41 – 23rd February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany

We had a funny/not funny moment here this morning.  I was sitting in my ‘Jetty’ (the nickname given to my big lay back stargazer chair by Col), sipping my coffee and enjoying the peaceful start to the day.  Clean washing dangled from the line above.  Just sitting and enjoying the serenity (before the Genny started).  Col was pottering around making bacon and eggs on the BBQ and doing a bit of a tidy up.  There is dark sand everywhere and we had a bit of rain overnight, so this has quickly turned to sticky mud and it was getting traipsed into the van constantly.  So Col thought he would do the right thing and whack the foot mat against the tree to clean it.  Only… he chose the one tree facing the van, the washing and me!  With one great thud against the tree, small blobs of mud went flying and splattered the washing and the van, and my face.  I even got some in my mouth hahaha.  He instantly knew he had picked the wrong tree.  Just one of those moments where I have looked at him, mouth gaping and he looked instantly sorry.  I very quickly started to laugh about it, it was a very funny moment.  Looks like I will be washing again today :) Continue reading “Day 41 – 23rd February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany”